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Who is


vodacom group

moving up and empowering

you to growwith the

But there is


Siyanda will join

the Vodacom Group


Oh that is so

exciting – tell

me more!

So how much is YeboYethu paying

for the Vodacom Group shares?

That will only

be decided on

the pricing date

using a 60 day

VWAP – which

should happen

early July.

Siyanda is Vodacom Group’s

new Employee

Empowerment Trust.

So now that YeboYethu has all its shareholders plus RBH,

Thebe and Siyanda, they will exchange Vodacom SA shares

for Vodacom Group.

YeboYethu will form YeboYethu Investment Company (Pty)

Ltd, who will hold the shares and obtain debt from large

banks to buy more Vodacom Group shares.

Once that is done YeboYethu will be the

single largest

BEE shareholder

as well as being the

3rd largest

shareholder in Vodacom Group



will be part of this exciting world.