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Page Background

settling the debt

and growing

our family

What is


But, what happens to

my shares?

How is the remaining

debt to be settled?

How much do I get from this

dividend per share?

For every 100 shares

bought for R2500

– it had a value of

R15 631. Since you

only paid R2500,

Vodacom financed

the balance (R13 131)

and over time the

dividends paid down

some of the debt.

YeboYethu is a listed

company and therefore

RBH and Thebe will

exchange their Vodacom

SA shares for YeboYethu

shares and become part

of YeboYethu.

YeboYethu will

then pay a

special dividend.

Vodacom will



shares from

YeboYethu to

the value of

the debt.

You will get about

2.6 x for every R25


That is about

R67 dividend

per share

reward to you!

After the debt

is settled,


together with

RBH and Thebe

will hold about

4.0% debt

free shares in

Vodacom SA.

You keep your

shares which will

stay in YeboYethu,

which moves into

Vodacom Group,

so you will still be

able to trade.

So what