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(please refer to page 9

for more information)


How do I knowwhat

value I will get for

the shares

i sell?

You can call the Call Centre on

010 285 0090

(Standard call rates apply)

082 241 0001

(Toll-free from your Vodacom cell phone)

and a friendly agent will help

you place your trade

All trading is done on “willing seller”/”willing buyer” principle

– It’s very much like bartering

– Until both parties get the price they want

You will be able to view the

Financial Statements since 2009

You will be able to view the following once logged in:

Top 5 bid offers

(highest prices buyers are prepared to buy for)

Top 5 sell offers

(lowest prices sellers are prepared to sell their shares for)

Top trades for the day

call your own chosen

JSE broker

SO ... rst work out how

many shares you want to sell ...

then at what price per share ...

then minus the transaction cost.

If the amount is less than

what you want, you can increase

the price per share that you

want to sell it at.

But remember: depending on

your TAX pro le, you might

have to pay SARS tax