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YeboYethu Trustee Election Results - Meet your Trustees


You will remember that employees elected candidates to serve as Trustees of the YeboYethu Employee Participation Trust during November 2008.

The newly elected Trustees could only be confirmed once the current Trustees of the YeboYethu Employee Participation Trust have passed a resolution on the votes and the elected Trustees have been approved by the Master of the High Court. This process has recently been finalised and it is our pleasure to confirm the newly elected YeboYethu Trustees and to congratulate them on their appointment.

The elected Trustees and their alternates are as follows:
Name and Surname Designation
Neville Townsend Trustee
Errol Roger van Graan Trustee
Shawn van der Westhuizen Trustee
Peter Manyaka Trustee
Adrian Robson Alternate Trustee
Mbongeni Innocent Ntshangase Alternate Trustee
Candice-Ann Arendse Alternate Trustee

The new employee elected Trustees replaces the current interim Trustees who are attorneys from DLA Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.